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Selection of personnel from England
At BritishStaff we have made it our mission to help nannies and parents alike to find the best nanny jobs and nannies in the country. We provide vast amounts of useful information on topics such as nanny tax, nanny contracts, nanny pay, nanny rights for all parties involved. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
Our team offers a bespoke service, providing parents with their perfect nanny match. We always listen carefully to our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our service as most of our business comes through word of mouth.
As well as offices in the Home Counties we have a representative in Russia who is only too happy to be on hand to help our clients throughout the process.
Please don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website for further information.

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Domestic/Household Staff Roles

We recruit Professional and experienced UK based and English speaking Candidates for clients based outside the UK, worldwide

House Manager or Major D'Omo

A House Manager, sometimes also known as a Major D'omo, is responsible for the management of a formal or multi-staffed household. The profile of a Household Manager will vary depending on the individual candidate and the specific needs of the household and Principal. The House Manager will usually have either worked previously in similar roles or alternatively may have been a Butler or PA.

The duties of the House Manager might include hiring and overseeing other household staff, managing special projects for the Household, booking travel arrangements, maintaining household security, running errands, managing the household calendar, bookkeeping and/or accounting tasks, planning and directing special events.

A strong educational background in addition to computer and accounting skills are usually required.

Estate Manager

An Estate Manager is typically responsible for the entire running of a private estate, usually multiple homes and or properties, sometimes located in different countries. An Estate Manager's profile will vary depending on the individual candidate and the needs of the estate. An Estate Manager will usually have formal training and previous experience as a Household or Estate Manager. Formal education in addition to computer and accounting skills are commonly required, as well as a broad base of knowledge relating to general household management duties.

The duties of the Estate Manager might include organizing and running large household events, managing the household calendar, bookkeeping and accounting, managing designated building/maintenance projects, cooking and/or gardening for the home or homes, hiring and directing other household staff, booking travel arrangements, maintaining household security and running errands

Private Chef

Private Chefs will usually plan and prepare food for parties and other social events as well as caring for the day-to-day dining requirements of the Family and possibly household staff. The Private Chef prepares gourmet meals in a client's home. Private Chefs are responsible for all of the meal preparation and stocking of the kitchen including the ordering of the groceries. They are knowledgeable of different types of menus and the ability to accommodate special dietary needs is essential.

A Private Chef is also responsible for the organization and operation of the kitchen and the presentation and serving of the food. They may be required to assist with or oversee special functions or events. A Private Chef usually works among other household staff, and is very well experienced and qualified, often with experience in similar roles. They will usually have experience of many different international cuisines, but some families may also hire a specific chef for his particular knowledge of the food of one region or country.

Personal Assistant / PA

A Personal Assistant is responsible for working closely with the employer in the management of their household, personal and professional needs. The experience and background of a Personal Assistant varies depending on the individual candidate, but most Personal Assistants might be graduates in addition to having previous professional experience in a private home. They will generally also have strong computer and accounting skills.

The duties of a Personal Assistant might include making suitable travel arrangements, booking appointments and managing the household calendar, assisting in planning & organization of parties & other events, general errand running, managing the household accounts and liasing with suppliers and handling special projects


A Butler is a senior manager within a formal or multi-staffed household, usually in charge of only one residence. A Butler typically has professional training and formal experience in either a private household or prestigious hotel. A Butler can be a live-in or live-out employee, but most of our candidates are looking for roles with accommodation provided.

Typical duties of a Butler might include receiving Household guests on behalf of the Principal / Family, running the household and personal errands for the Principal, managing suppliers, making travel arrangements for the Principal and Family or other Household guests, security maintenance, assisting with the preparation and serving of meals and drinks, setting the table for formal meals, creating and maintaining household budgets, wine cellar management, scheduling maintenance of estate property including yachts, cars and related property.

The role of the Butler has changed dramatically over the years. The traditional ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ idea of a Butler does still exist in more formal and traditional households where the role will still encompass all the familiar duties of formal table service and service of drinks, valeting, care of the wine cellar, cleaning of silver and care of fine antiques and art, supervising other staff and general management of the home.

A modern Butler or Household Manager sometimes needs to be all this, plus so much more. Clients these days are often looking for multi-talented, hands-on individuals, who are not very prescriptive about their duties and are prepared to multi-task in all manner of areas. Today’s Butler may also be required to act as Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Cook and Events Organiser. In the countryside the Butler, both traditional and modern, may also be expected to have knowledge and experience with shoots and care of guns, ability to organise a shooting weekend and manage the other staff involved with this. Butlers and Household Managers often need to be highly computer literate, increasingly are asked to speak a second language and may need to travel with their employers and run or work in multiple homes.

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