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At BritishStaff we have made it our mission to help nannies and parents alike to find the best nanny jobs and nannies in the country. We provide vast amounts of useful information on topics such as nanny tax, nanny contracts, nanny pay, nanny rights for all parties involved. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
Our team offers a bespoke service, providing parents with their perfect nanny match. We always listen carefully to our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our service as most of our business comes through word of mouth.
As well as offices in the Home Counties we have a representative in Russia who is only too happy to be on hand to help our clients throughout the process.
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Professional Educator with either a strong formal nanny or teaching qualification. Highly experienced.

A governess is in charge of planning the day to day activities, such as play dates, field trips, doctor and dental visits. Most importantly she will seek to further the cognitive and physical capacities of the children, will monitor the development of skills and manners of the children and will introduce appropriate professional education measures. She will also plan the children's diet and organize their wardrobe. The professional childcare provider will interact with other parents on behalf of the parents, too.

Furthermore the governess will see into the hiring of other childcare staff (as nannies, maternity nurses and au-pairs). Other childcares must report to her, she will only report to the parents and is therefore the manager of other domestic childcare staff. A governess has a major role in providing stability and may either live-in or live-out. Usually governesses are employed on a permanent basis - full-time or part-time - over a few years.

The work of a governess is different to that of an ordinary nanny in respect to the strong teaching and pedagogy background of the governess. She will devote her time to be an observant, proactive, committed and skilled educator in early childhood and later years.

A Governess concentrates on the intellectual and social development of your child; she is usually required to travel with the family and is often hired because of the extensive travel of the family or relocation of the family.

A governess is also an asset to your child's educational development outside of the aforementioned scenarios. A governess could if working with children who do attend school focus on mainly arts, languages and music.

A travelling governess would be useful to bridge any gaps in formal education due to extensive travel and could provide home schooling for your school aged children. It is important to provide your governess with her own room and bathroom throughout your travels and when in your main residence they will require their own room and bathroom or separate accommodation.

A relocated family could make use of a governess to help bring the child up to the educational expectation for that age group in the location. They can also be useful to ease the transition to a new school/country/language that may otherwise cause the child to fall behind in their studies.

They are responsible for overseeing your children, their education and their educational activities for example art, music and specialist languages or histories that are perhaps not available in their school. Exclusively nannies can source qualified teachers and experienced governesses to suit your individual needs.

A governess has minimal responsibility for the children's physical welfare and will not usually be require to cook for them or to undertake any housekeeping duties related to the children or otherwise. For children who do attend school it my be possible to hire a governess/nanny and enjoy the benefits of both roles as the educational requirements may be more less time consuming.

Many parents require their children to be taught etiquette, culture and languages. It is possible for exclusively nannies to source a governess who is skilled in these areas and may also be possible to find one who is especially arty, sporty or musical depending on the likes and hobbies of the family or individual child.

All trained nannies are able to take responsibility for the educational development of babies and preschoolers so if your children are still very young please ask our consultants to help you to figure out the best scenario for you.

A governess is usually paid between £800-900 net per week and they are usually hired on a live in basis. Exclusively nannies has governesses available to work in the UK and overseas and it is also possible to hire them on a temp basis for example to work with your children over school holidays.

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